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McBrayer Ranch Birthday Parties


Pony Party #1                                                           Pony Party #2                                           Pony Party #3

$275                                                                         $325                                                         $375

up to 10 kids                                                            11 to 15 kids                                             16 to 20 kids

2 hours of FUN!                                                        2 hours of FUN!                                        2 1/2 hours of FUN!

*$15.00 for each additional child in each package

*Rider Release forms are required prior to riding for each child that would like to take part in the Pony Ride.


Save the Date:

$100.00 deposit is required to save the date.   A separate $50 check to be post dated for the day of the party. The $50 will be refunded if party does not go over allotted time and the party and trash is cleaned up. All trash must be bagged tied andpulled out of the cans.  The Pavilion or Barn must be left in the same condition it was found or the $50 deposit will be kept.  Nothing should be moved or taken from the Pavilion/Barn without prior approval. Balance due the day of the event.  You may arrive 30 min. to set up for the party and stay no more than 30min. to clean up and take off the trash. Extra time is subject to additional charges. 


No refunds regardless of weather.


Party times

10:00 or 6:00 April, May, June, July, August and September


Birthday Childs Name________________________________________________________


Birthday Childs Age__________________________________________________________


Parents Name_________________________________________________________________


Parents cell phone____________________________________________________________


Parents email_______________________________________________________________________________


Party Package #____________________________________________________________________________


Time of Party________________________________________________________________________________


Date of the Party____________________________________________________________________________


Save the Date- Deposit Check#___________________________________________________________


Cleaning/Overtime Deposit-Check #____________________________________________________


Please Note: We love children and want to make sure they are kept safe.  All children must be supervised at birthday parties. McBrayer Ranch has live animals and we need to make sure neither the animals or the children are hurt. Children are not allowed inside the animal gates without someone from McBrayer Ranch. Children should not go outside of the fences towards the house.  Children tend to wonder off because of the swing set and pool at the residence.  This is a private residence and is off limits without prior approval from McBrayer Ranch.


Birthday Party Parent                                                                                                                       Date                                              


Lori McBrayer                                                                                                                                   Date                                                                                                                                                                  

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